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‘Hasten The Day’ trilogy coming back in print!

Following the successful re-release this past fall of a new paperback edition of ‘The Balk’, Vinland Freedom Press has announced that within the next two weeks they will be unveiling a new print edition of ‘Hasten The Day’, the bestselling fiction novel about the coming civil war and breakup of America, also by ShieldWall Network Coordinator Billy Roper.

In short succession, new editions of the sequels to ‘Hasten The Day’; ‘Waiting For The Sun’ and ‘Wasting The Dawn’, will complete the re-release of the trilogy following it being banned and censored by three different publishers over the past two years after becoming the most widely read racialist fiction novels by any living White Nationalist author.

Look for the trilogy soon on VFPRESS.CO, only through Vinland Freedom Press.

In the meantime…

Books-A-Million still has print copies of ‘The Ice Path’ available for $10 IN STOCK!

And print copies of ‘The Fifth Horseman’ available for $8.88, IN STOCK!

As well as print copies of ‘Remnants’ on sale for $8.88, IN STOCK!

All also by Billy Roper.

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