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Biden’s ‘Unity’ Call Won’t Delay Coming Civil War

by Billy Roper

Coordinator, The ShieldWall Network

The new domestic terrorism crime bill, along with the rhetoric coming from both political parties, makes it clear that the United States government considers White people to be its number one enemy. White people are beginning to observe that and reciprocate the feeling. Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis said: “‘Our government is the potent, the omnipresent teacher. For good or for ill it teaches the people by its example.” So, if the U.S. government considers White Nationalists to be the greatest threat to the establishment, more than ISIS or Al Qaeda or Russia or China, and it’s a demonstrable truth that the Founding Fathers of our nation were all White Nationalists, what does that say about the current government?

The new black Secretary of Defense has ordered the military to do a sixty day standdown while they begin to try to purge Whites from their ranks and racially segregate units, because they know that most soldiers will not open fire on their own racial kinsmen civilians, and the top political brass knows that they cannot trust their own troops…especially the White ones. One wonders why. The racial segregation of the military in order to try and shore up eroding loyalty for the government is one of the major signposts along the road to civil war.

As I mentioned in an interview last night, if the government of Israel suddenly announced that Jews were the greatest threat to its security, and brought in thousands of troops to protect the rulers from the people, and erected the same kinds of walls which they swore did not work on the border to keep the taxpayers away from the buildings they built, then logical people would ask, correctly, who the hell had taken over the government of Israel. Likewise, when the United States government declares that the people who founded it, and their ideology and culture and existential interests, are the greatest threat against it, we know who has taken over the United States government.

In this article following up on Stephen Marche’s 2018 book ‘America’s Next Civil War’, the author and interviewer discuss the fact that the collapse of the federal government and the breakup of America is even more likely now, than it was when he first wrote it. Here are some quotes:

Stephen Marche: “Joe Biden is going to send people out to preach American gospel around the world. No one is going to listen…But the idea that American democracy, when I was 25, even—and I’m not super old—but it was the ideal. It was absolutely the model for the world. It isn’t. It just is not anymore, and it never will be again. That has ended. That process where it’s like the United States is the hope of the world, the necessary nation—that’s gone. That’s why I think I found the spectacle of the inauguration so grotesque. You’re just pretending that you’re back to the necessary nation. You’re just another nation trying to get through the day without falling into tyranny.”

“I see no evidence from anything Biden’s done to recognize the plight that he’s in. Now, maybe I’ll be wrong. But I’ve been talking to people—you have to understand the point of view I’m coming from—I’ve been talking to FBI sources for two years about how white power has infiltrated police departments to the point where they can’t send out watch lists about domestic terrorism to police departments because somebody in the police department would just tell the white power people that they’ve been made. I’ve been talking to people in the military about white power infiltration. These are serious questions. If there is a white power movement that takes over significant portions of the US military, I mean, that’s a real crisis. That’s a real, very serious crisis for the world.”

Andrew Keen: And it seems as if you’re not in a minority. You tweet that 31 percent of Americans think that a civil war is coming in the next five years. You wrote that in 2018. I would guess that that number is probably higher now.

Stephen Marche: Sixty-four now.

Andrew Keen: Sixty-four. So what is it going to look like? Is it right-wing militias taking over state houses, states—Michigan, Kansas, Arkansas, Alabama?

Stephen Marche: I don’t like to make specific predictions, because what I’m dealing with here are models, that I really do believe in. I mean, one of them’s going to break, but the ones I’m using haven’t broken yet. Like the hyper-partisanship people, I asked them two years ago who’s going to win the election; they said Biden, narrowly. And the models that I’m using are like that. They have very strong predictive capacities and they have very strong predictive histories. So I don’t like to go beyond them because they work.

But the model that is in my own head is chaos. It’s sectarian conflict. It’s what we saw in Iraq. It’s what we saw in Syria. It’s tribalism broken down into chaotic forms. It’s new political entities taking on meaning. Do people in New York start to think of themselves as New Yorkers first and American second? What are the consequences of that?”

We in the ShieldWall Network have been telling you what the consequences of that will be, and what you should do about it, now, to get ready. You can find out more here.


  1. Zorost

    {reposted from Gab}
    The problem I see for us is that we have no credible leadership. Teams tend to beat individuals, and large teams tend to beat small teams. We are a bunch of individuals and a few small teams against a conglomerate that is united in its hatred of us (even if they don’t actually like each other.) A conglomerate with access to high tech surveillance and weapons of mass destruction, which is already laying the propaganda ground work for genocide. Does anyone doubt that the Left would nerve gas Arkansas then find a way to blame evil neon-nazi white supremacists for it?

    • Comment by post author


      I think it’s an error to give too much credit to our enemies. They are just as subject to infighting and conflicting agendas as the right is, and just as divided. They are just as motivated by emotion, witness their irrational, overreaching chutzpah in the self-defeating collective rage they are exhibiting now. That high tech and infrastructure is not stable, and certainly not eternal, in fact it is tottering and headed towards collapse. They are overrated.

      • Zorost

        I want to believe that, and often I do. Must have caught me on a bad day 😉 These Qtards on Gab are bringing me down.

        I think we mostly have what is needed, we just need it to come together.

  2. Heartland Separatist.

    The United States has become the world’s first anti-nation in that it opposes, both domestically and internationally, all manifestations of true nationalism and makes war upon same! What it has done to other nations now comes home to roost as it turns upon its founding stock.

    Nation- from which we also derive natural and natal.

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