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The Achilles Heel

by Paul Jones

Now that we must put up with the daily drama of an almost blatantly anti-white Party in control of all three branches of government I have been trying to find a silver lining in all of this, something which I can see as an issue which will create a certain amount of chaos that will expose the fault lines of the Democratic Party. I see this issue as being tied in with Israel and its Middle East policy towards the Palestinians.

As I recall, such a conflict arose to expose racial fault lines among Democratic members of the House of Representatives in February of 2019 when Ilhan Omar, a Somali background, Muslim representative, called out Jewish and Israeli control of foreign policy of the U.S. in the Mideast region with her explaining it by saying “It’s the Benjamins, baby.” (hundred dollar bills) The cries of outrage by the mostly Christian Zionist Republicans in Congress must have reached high heaven, along with the wrath of President Trump at this “vile Anti-semitic” remark.

Calls for her removal from committees or even expulsion from the House of Representatives were heard from the Republican side of the aisle. But surprisingly enough, a similar type of over-reaction didn’t come from the Democrats despite the fact that the Democratic Party’s foreign policy towards Israel is about the same “tail wagging the dog” one as the Republicans.  One can say that the Republican Party pretty much mimics the Likud Party in Israel while that of the Democrats have the only slightly more moderate positions of the Labor Party. Why did the Democrats hold off and minimize their criticism of Ilhan?

It ties in with the double standard technique of the Jews in the U.S. of playing “the white card” when it is to their political convenience and “the Jewish card” when it is to their benefit in a different situation. Also, the fact that Ilhan is a non-white made it necessary for her to be treated with “kid gloves.” A very different approach would have been used by the Democrats if the person making the “Benjamins” remark had been white.

If Ilhan had been given more than a “slap on the wrist” after getting a half-hearted apology from her, the highly influential non-white, Democratic members of the House would have started seeing clearly how the Jews in Israel, who can also play the “white card” when they want, are treating the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and West Bank with an Apartheid-like strategy. Taking in a certain way the statement made by Susan Sontag, “The white race is the cancer of human history,” why couldn’t this quote apply as well to the Mideast policy of the Jews in Israel in which the non-white Palestinians have had their lives destroyed by this “white cancer” of Jewish control and domination of the region. If the Democrats had over-reacted and set off the anger of Ilhan’s fellow non-white Representatives, it would have opened a real “Pandora’s Box” for the Jewish Power Structure. The fallout might, if it got out of control, have totally shaken up the fragile unity of Democrats. It could have allowed more facts and information to come out which are up to now totally suppressed due to being seen as Anti-semitic. It would expose much of the hypocrisy domestically as well, such as how when ethnic tallying is done as to number of students at Ivy League universities Jews are seen as whites. So it is made to seem that the real whites, the European-Americans, must have decent levels of enrollment. But the reality is that there are more Jewish students among the whites listed to the point where clearly the group which needs to have a bigger “slice of the pie” is the true whites, not the false ones, the Jews. I could go on with more examples but I think the point is made.

So at least I can look forward, with near certainty, that such a political crisis will come up again before too much longer relating to the anti-Palestinian policy of the Democratic Party, and I hope that the ongoing, present hypocrisy of the Democrats being anti-white only when it comes to those of European descent while giving the “white Jews” in Israel a free pass to rule as they wish as overlords in the Mideast will be exposed. The more that reality can intrude upon illusion in this regard, the better for the real whites, the European-Americans.


  1. Heartland Separatist.

    I cannot speak for others but as for me ( contrary to popular opinion), I do not lie in bed at night think of new and devious ways to harass Jews and Blacks! LOL. I am separatist in nature and I do not care what they do as long as they don’t involve me. And therein is the rub living in an America that is now openly anti-white!

    But if I was Jewish I would be firmly opposed to the one nation solution. I would support a two-state solution whereby you at least have a place to deport Palestinians. Now having them in Isreal’s midst is sure to cause major problems. In other words, it going to make Jews turn into to what they hate the most in us, not White Supremacists but Jewish Supremacist ecporting Palestinians in their midst and using them as a cheap labor source and opposing their right to self-determination.

    PS: If you are a white male who voted for Biden or watched the super bowl you are part of the problem! Turn in your man card!

  2. RONA Renegade

    Corruption facilitated by jews in the Democratic party stuck the U.S. with israel for over 70 years and since then they’ve done exactly what they said they were going to do, which was to do across the rest of the U.S. what they did in Chicago.

  3. Zorost

    History as well as games theory would agree. Now that the ‘game’ of taking total power is almost over, the benefits of cooperation decrease compared to the benefits of back-stabbing. All of the many splits within the Leftist coalition were held together with hatred of whites and the right wing, along with the promise of a future split of the spoils of war. Now that the spoils are imminent, every one of the Leftist groups is going to be jostling to be first at the trough, and forming up new teams to compete over it.

    As everyone reading this would likely predict, those teams will be largely race based. The massive amount of money we send to Israel and holocaust nonsense will be a part of the spoils that the coloreds will want to divide up amongst themselves. “We need mo money fo dem programs!”

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