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A big new story about the ShieldWall Network’s ‘Project New America’ had taken up a couple of days for video interviews with the staff of the Suddeutsch Zeitung, the largest daily circulation newspaper in Germany, headquartered in Munich, but is now finished and will be released soon. After two interviews with academics working on papers, a podcast interview on The Brizer Show with interviewers from the UK and the return of The Radical Flank program are scheduled for this week. One might ask why European audiences are interested in talking with Coordinator Billy Roper about the coming balkanization of the United States, aside from how the end of American hegemony abroad would affect them economically and politically in Europe. This new article from British based Sky News might help us understand what our cousins across the pond are seeing happening in the U.S., from the outside looking in.

Americans voice ‘legitimate fears’ of civil war as Trump’s impeachment trial looms

“…From our soundings in West Virginia, many also fear the country is sliding towards civil war, backing claims in recent polls that more than half of Americans fear as much.

To gauge the mood of conservative rural America we went to a gun show where there was no shortage of people openly afraid of looming civil conflict.

“I’m very worried about this country, where it’s going,” gun dealer and wood carver Scott Pickett told me.

“If it keeps heading down this same way, they’re going to push people into another civil war and I don’t want to be here then.”…

Europeans, at least those in the controlled media, do not believe that election fraud happened in November. They are following the leftist narrative about Trump, of course. However, they are more honest than their American counterparts in reflecting how deeply divided and on edge the United States is, and how both sides are openly anticipating Civil War.

The short piece is fascinating, in that the attitude of rural Whites in West Virginia mirror those of the people with whom we interact here in Ozarkia. You can read the full article here.


  1. Heartland Separatist.

    In politics what people believe to be true is often more important than actual truth. Therefore if Trump was legitimacy defeated and Biden legitimately elected with zero voter fraud what really matters is that upwards of 74 million people believe it was fraudulent.

    • Zorost

      Good point.

      74 million absolutely believe it was fraudulent.
      XX million absolutely believe it was legit.

      Whether it is or is not legit is no longer relevant, as it seems unlikely an honest investigation is going to happen. It seems even less likely that if one did happen and it found in favor Trump, that the Left would hand power back.

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