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White Supremacism or Jewish Supremacism?

by Paul Jones

The idea of racial equity for blacks has been the goal ever since the racial segregation laws in the South, and other states as well, began to be incessantly rolled back following the end of W.W.II. as part of the thrust to reorder and recreate U.S. culture and society by the new Jewish Power Structure built on the defeat of N.S. Germany in that war. It was assumed by many European-Americans, of liberal as well as some with conservative leanings,  that this Second Reconstruction would result in eventual racial equity between blacks and whites. It didn’t happen.

Then came other attempts on the way to “the promised land,” with forced bussing in the 1970’s, but this wasn’t enough since white flight made integration of school systems impossible over time.

Next began the No Child Left Behind initiative approach of Georg W. Bush during his administration as the 21st century began. It was assumed that by mandating levels of black achievement that somehow the educational system would come up with the right formula for black success in the classrooms. I recall working at a small, public high school in the South Bronx between 2003-2005 with a fellow teacher  there who had been imported in from Slovakia to help try to close the educational gap. I asked her once about what she thought about Bush’s plan and she said, “it’s a joke and is totally unrealistic.”

Coming from a meritocratic educational system in an Eastern European country, it was obvious to her that there is such a thing as native intelligence, and that all of this No Child Left Behind business was a “Mission Impossible.” While I couldn’t  ask her specifically about how she assessed average intelligence of blacks compared with other racial groups, from how she looked after working with mostly black students for several months it was clear what the answer would have been.

So now, with the new Biden administration and Democratic control of all branches of government, the final fall-back position was made clear by Biden’s remarks about the need to work for racial equity while at the same time the scourge of White Supremacy has to be excised from U.S. society and government once and for all.

No longer is there a need to look into ways to that prove to more effective for educating blacks in the academic areas, or the practicality or not of integrating schools with the ever more elusive white students with that already failed social experiment. Now there’s only one area which needs to get worked on to further to achieve racial equity and it’s to get at the new found, root cause of lack of equal results among racial groups and it’s to eradicate white supremacy which is causing all this systemic racism.

It will involve a further demonization of white males of European descent who don’t conform to the norms set by the Ivy League universities and the “New York Times” 1619 Project. Under suspicion will be those who get their facts and opinion guidelines from other than “credible” news sources, like CNN or MSNBC. The propaganda of the anti-white Jewish Power Structure will intensify with more “in your face”  movies, T.V. shows and music videos denigrating whites.

While only partially immune from having white youth being susceptible to such negative influences, at least the seed base for future white ethnostates, such as Ozarkia, Franklin and other regions of the country where whites are still have 90% of the population and thus exist  our last, best hope for surviving and coming through and coming back strong against this final drive to suppress and eliminate us. In reality, this is the last blitzkrieg of Jewish Supremacism in the U.S. to reduce to a negligible factor the influence of European-Americans as a possible threat to their present dominion of culture, society and politics.

If Biden were a  real white and not a WINO (White in name only, he would be taking on the dangers of Jewish Supremacism, as the principal threat to our survivor as a culture and a people, not White Supremacism.

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  1. Glincoln

    The system (of mammon)is broke. I’m sick and tired of even talking or reading or writing about it. This corruptible must put on incorruption, this mortal must put on immortality.

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