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Although The ShieldWall Network’s Project New America focuses, as its name implies, squarely on North America’s future, plenty of our people in Europe are taking notice.

This may be because they are interested in the effects the balkanization of the United States would have on their countries, once the liberalizing, anti-White influence of Washington D.C. is lifted from their necks, allowing them to breathe on their own once more. For many of them, they have not been free since 1945.

Using VPNs with US IP addresses and other work-arounds to circumvent their occupied government’s censorship of this and other pro-White websites, they dream of a day when their own Nationalist political parties can regain control of their own destiny as a people, and establish new governments promoting their interests.

It’s also true that the Founding Fathers would never have been successful in their rebellion against their government and establishing their own independent nation without the assistance of foreign countries who were hostile to that government as well, including other European nations.

From time to time, the ShieldWall Network does grant interviews to European media outlets, such as in the Netherlands, Germany, the UK, and elsewhere.

This is the German syndication site with a list of all of the German newspapers carrying the new article about the SWN this week. As one can see from the cities listed, it includes coverage to virtually the entire country. We hope that they will be inspired by us, as we have been inspired by them.

Next door, we are featured in the current Polish edition of Newsweek.

The picture accompanying this article, never before seen until this week, was published, along with several others, in the German newspaper stories.

The kettle’s on the boil.

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