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Ozarkian Migration Resources

With the growing recognition of The ShieldWall Network regionally, nationally, and internationally, we receive many of the same questions in inquiries from new people interested in moving to Ozarkia, often daily. These White flight refugees seeking a safe haven from liberalism and diversity are looking to move to the capitol region surrounded by the over one hundred contiguous counties in northern Arkansas and southern Missouri which are over 90% White, or better.

In general, our advice is to first come for a visit, to look around and see whether you like the place and the people here. Urbanites who need a multitude of shopping choices, or those employed in cosmopolitan specialty careers who are not willing to retrain for another job, may not be content in a rural, homogeneous White environment. Likewise, those addicted to the fast paced big city life of the Northeast may not be able to adapt and fit in to the slower, more laid back lifestyle in Ozarkia. There are not a lot of factory or industrial jobs, nor are there as many social services or entertainment options as urban areas offer. The average income is lower, to be sure. Correspondingly, taxes and rent and land prices are much lower than they are in most evacuation zones, so as with everything, it is a trade off.

However, if you like the idea of a much Whiter place, with more conservative, traditional, old fashioned values, surrounded by the beauty and natural wonder of mountains, forests, lakes, rivers, and creeks, then we’ve got you covered.

Once you come for a visit and decide that you like it, you may wish to first rent a place while you find a job and network with those of us who have already made the migration and come home. That will give you plenty of time to look around and find that perfect piece of land or house of your own to buy, often for lower payments than you would be making there, or even here, in rent.

While you are contemplating making your first scouting trip to check out Ozarkia, you may want to take a look at some of these online resources to help you learn more about the capitol region:

Your Place In The Mountains

Mountain View Tourism

Arkansas Folk Festival

Folk Music Capitol Of The World

Mountain View Arkansas, We Live Free Here.

Strategic Relocation in the Ozarks

Blanchard Springs Recreation Area

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