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‘Hasten The Day’, ‘Waiting For The Sun’, and ‘Wasting The Dawn’ now back in print!

Banned by four different publishers AFTER publication in each case, the three books in the Hasten The Day trilogy are the most widely read racialist fiction novels by any living author. Read the books that (((they))) don’t want you to read, now in print paperback editions once again through Vinland Freedom Press.

It’s this time, next year. Hyperinflation, the collapse of the dollar, and economic depression have America on the ropes, when uncontrolled illegal immigration delivers a sucker punch to the glass jaw of multiracial democracy. Race riots and secessions lead to ethnic cleansing and Balkanization. ‘Hasten The Day’ chronicles the first year after the breakup of the United States into several independent nations. If you believe that what cannot fly must fall, you won’t want to miss reading “Hasten The Day”!


‘Waiting for The Sun’ is the sequel to ‘Hasten The Day’. Five years after the collapse and breakup of the United States of America, new nations arise and compete amid the ruins of a superpower.


The third and conclusive installment in the highly acclaimed ‘Hasten The Day’ trilogy, ‘Wasting The Dawn’ continues the dystopian speculative fiction saga began in the award-winning ‘Hasten The Day’ and its’ sequel, the popular ‘Waiting For The Sun’, both also by Billy Roper. After economic collapse and civil war lead to the breakup of the United States, global chaos ensues. Eighty percent of the world’s population lies dead. In the aftermath, the familiar characters from the first two novels meet their ultimate destinies, and the next generation of successors emerge from the ashes of America to compete and determine the fate of the world, and mankind.

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