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Was Jesus “Yeshua” a Jew?

This study will require a KJV (King James Version) Bible. Nothing else.
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Was Jesus a Jew?

First we must define what a Jew is. Are we talking about the sons of Judah and his descendants? Or are we talking about those of today who claim to be Jews? A Jew of today is a race of people and this has been proven by DNA, but have no relational genetic connection to the tribe of Judah. Their religion, the Jews of today, is of the ancient Babylonian Talmudic teachings and they do not follow any of the Hebrew Old Testament teachings. Their teachings and studies of today are called Judaism and anyone can become a practicing Jew of the Judaism Talmudic teachings. This Talmudic teaching was around during Jesus’ walk on this Earth, it was called the teaching of the elders. Jesus constantly rebuked the teaching of the elders, Mathew 5: 17-18.

The return from Babylon and the rebuilding of the temple ends the teaching of Hebrewism,” Old Testament teaching”, and the beginning of the teaching of the elders, the Talmud which is taught in Jewish synagogues today. The teaching of the traditions of the elders is talked about by Jesus in Matthew 15:1-9. Jesus never called God’s word the teaching of the elders but always called it ‘word, the Old Testament, the law’. Examples can be found in Mark 7:5-13, John 5:37-46, John 8:54-55, John 15:23, and Mathew 21. Jesus proclaims tax collectors and harlots would enter the Kingdom of Heaven before a Jew would.

The ancestors of Jesus can be found in Matthew 1, Luke 3, and Romans 9:4-5. No, Jesus was not a Jew. Jewish history can be found in Matthew 15:24, 10:5-6, 10:23. John 10 proclaims Jews are not of His sheep or of Israel. In Gen 24:3-4 Judah violated God’s law. If we look at Gen 27:26-28 we can see the race line of Judah. In Genesis 38:1-5 we can see where a Canaanite woman gave birth to half breed sons which one survived, Shelah, whom Jews claim as their ancestor today. The pure blood line came through Tamar the daughter in law of Judah who brought forth the twins Pharez and Zera, through which the kings of Israel would come forth out of, see Genesis 48:12.

We can see that almost all the blessings of God went to the two sons of Joseph, Ephraim and Manasseh, which conclusively make up 13 tribes instead of 12. Exodus 12:38 proclaims another mixed mongrel line of the Jews through which they claim also as their ancestors, went up with the tribes of Israel. Numbers 26:20 gives another example of mixed mongrel race Canaanites which followed Israel, remember Shelah of Genesis 38? This is why he is included in Judah’s lineage, this is also why Jesus said to the Babylonian Jews that were the priest and elders of his time, He agreed that their father was Abraham also, but not of the stock of Israel. Chronicles 4-21 also proclaims the sons of Shelah which the scribes try to add to the sons of Israel, which we have proven is false. In Numbers 11: 4-6 we can also see a mixed multitude which is still hanging on like a tick to the Hebrews,” Israelites”, even when they left Egypt. Let’s look at this word Mixed it’s # 6154 in the Strongs Concordance: ‘Ereb’, mixed mongrel race. These people lived on the outside fringes of Israel and caused controversy in the nation and also cost many Israelites their life by disobeying God. These were the mixed races that the DNA of Jews today claim.

Another place we find the Jews whom Jesus taught against is Nehemiah 13, and again we see the term mixed multitude which had attached itself to Israel. Again this is the same word in Strongs Concordance #6151, mixed mongrel race, Jew. Lets look at Numbers 33:51-56, God commands them to drive out all the inhabitants and destroy them, their images, and high places, God even commands a warning that if they do not do this he will punish Israel as He would have punished these Canaanites, but Israel did not and these Canaanites are now the Jews of today which plague us today.

Deuteronomy 7:1-6 proclaims that all these nations who are in the land ye shall utterly destroy. Chapter 20:16-18 proclaims to utterly destroy every thing that breatheth. For 2000 years the Canaanites which are Babylonians which are modern day Jews from which comes the Babylonian Talmud from which they teach, worshiped Baize and Eshtar, from which we get Easter. Seems the Canaanites, Babylonian, “Jews” have convinced us to worship a deity they worshiped 2000 years ago, which by the way degrades women and pushes them to prostitution and porn, from which all porn industry is run by Jews.

Joshua 15:63 tells of brother Judah who couldn’t push the Jebusites out, but are with them until this day. These Jebusites are those who founded Jebus which was the name of the Jerusalem before king David. the modern Jew and the Jews of Jesus time are of these people as well. In Ezra 9:1-2 we can see why Jesus agreed that the Jewish priests of his time could claim of Abrahamic descent, but were not of the house of Israel. In Isaiah 3:8 we can see that Jerusalem is no more and JUDAH has fallen. The tribe of JUDAH has been removed, scattered just like the 10 northern tribes. Verse 9 tells of their countenance which will witness against them. This means you will know them by their looks, and actions. Who is the ((Their or them )) that God is talking about in verse 4? Look at verse 4, children to be their princes, babes shall rule over them. Strongs Concordance children is #5288 boy, servant can also apply to a girl servant. we know from study earlier that Israel and Judah did not do as God told them and destroy these people, now they have taken over the government and priesthood. babes # 8586 tyrant, the root is # 5953 (to abuse , affect, child defile! these people were servants unto King David and unto all the kings of Israel until the break up. Refer back to Genesis and Exodus of this study. Let’s look at the word ‘countenance’, Strongs Concordance #6440 root #64371 by their face… how they looked… so we see that our brother Judah will be ruled over by and the rulers and priest will be a people that were servants, and now are tyrants, child abusers, liars, and we shall know them by their face, how they look, Jewish.

Let’s look at Malachi 1:2-3, God says Jacob I loved but Esau I hated. Why? Because Esau polluted his race line. Gen: 26:34-35 Esau took unto him wives of Canaanites, which were mongrels, Jews. He was a burden to his parents. He married women of the Hittites, 27:46 his mother talks about the women of Esau, it burden her so bad she wanted to end her life, why, because they would lead him into idolatry of the Babylonian Jew. Chapter 36 talks about the descendants of Esau and the Hittite women whom God had said not to marry into. These are a race of the Jews. Chapter 34 tells about the character of these Hittite people ((Jews)), they raped a daughter of Jacob.In Samuel 15:1-26 King Solomon was instructed by God to destroy these Jews, but he disobeyed God and therefore God removed him from the king line. 2nd kings 8, and 14 tell of King David as well not destroying these people. In the year 142 BC Judah won independence under the Maccabean line of Kings. in the year 120 BC the Maccabean kings conquered the Edomites of Esau but did not destroy them, they offered full citizenship if they would adopt Judaism. This is where the Askanzi Kazar, Jews come from, with the blond hair and red hair. This is written and recorded by Josephus Antiquities of the Jews book 13 chapter 9, also the Jewish encyclopedia Volume 5 page 41,69 BC.

Antipas, an Edomite Chieftain, founder of the Herodian family, was made Governor Procurator of Judah, his son Herod the 1st Governor of Galilee in 40 BC and by 30 BC gained complete control of Judea, by taxing and ruthlessness. Remember in Isaiah 3:8 the word babes and its meaning. This is the same Herod who had all the male children killed looking for Jesus. their same family line held governorship over Judea ,”Harod Arkalaise”, 10 yrs from 4 BC to 6 AD . Rome finally removed him and convicted him of atrocities. The “Romans” never trusted this line of family with the kingship. Rome installed a Roman Governor over Judea , but left complete control of local Government and Temples to the Herodians, the Edomites, Jews. John 18:31 Pilate desperately tried to keep from executing Jesus. John 8:33 shows them sons of Abraham, “ which we discussed earlier how that was, but not of Israel”, through the line of Esau who polluted his blood line through Cannaanite women and Hittite women. John 8:31-48 plainly states where these Jews are from, and who they belong to from the beginning, their father of old is Cain, who Jesus said was the first murderer.

So now you can see, that Jesus was not a Jew, nor was he ever part of this Jewish blood line, His blood line runs straight back to Adam by way of Seth. The Jews have no blood lineage nor are they given the blessings of Jacob”Israel”.


  1. Volkhero

    According to the kikes via the Talmud, Jesus was a half jew (like Adam Kokesh) who’s father was a Roman soldier. Jesus provided profound insight into pacifism, but like all pacifists…was doomed to death in a world of tooth and claw.

  2. Glincoln

    Indeed, sell your cloak for a sword. Was wondering about prophecy regarding Arkansas or Ozarkia? This was mentioned by one of the pastors where you were a guest. Can you elaborate on a future podcast?

    • Comment by post author


      Yes, but basically that fire will rain on the coastlands and God’s people will be called out from among them to the interior of
      the land for a great regathering to establish His kingdom here on Earth after several years of tribulation and war.

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