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‘The Heirs of Tomorrow’ and ‘General Population’ now available in print paperback once again!

Despite the efforts of Jews and other anti-Whites, two more of Billy Roper’s banned and censored books are now available once again in print paperback format through Vinland Freedom Press!

General Population: Called “the politically incorrect, drunken love child of Stephen King and Alfred Hitchcock” by one reviewer, “General Population” tells the intriguing story of Max Aught, a young prisoner locked in a brutally corrupt prison for attempting to kill the child molester who raped his little sister. As society begins to unravel and collapse on the outside, those locked up may be the best hope for our future-if only they can survive to regain their freedom. Containing anecdotal stories and input from over two dozen currently incarcerated contributors, “General Population” is grimly realistic in its depictions of the best and worst of humanity, on both sides of the wire.

The Heirs of Tomorrow: A collection of nine fictional short stories about life in the United States following the coming civil war and balkanization of America. 227 pages.

Order them both NOW through Vinland Freedom Press at

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