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The ‘Secession’ Watch

In recent months, the controlled media discussion of the ongoing balkanization of America has been shrouded in oblique pablum about the pandemic and working from home freeing up people to move out of cities, never saying which people, or where they are going, or why.

“An astonishing 14 million to 23 million Americans intend to relocate to a different city or region…”


“Idaho saw 194% more people moving in than out…”

And, in the last week:

Why America Is Moving


Remote working is driving an exodus from major cities

The grim reality for blue states and their tax bases is that a large percentage of productive Whites who had kept their diverse urban sprawls going financially as well as in terms of maintaining the infrastructures are abandoning them for literally greener pastures and paler neighbors. This will cause those leftist states on the coasts to depend even more on Federal tax relief and bailouts as their internal revenue streams dry up, increasing their promotion of socialism and the expansion of federal power.

In contrast, aside from the obvious racial demographics of more rural White states and regions, seedbed White ethnostates typically have lower costs of living and lower tax rates, with correspondingly lesser government “services”. This widens the red/blue divide further as interests retreat from one another between the two sides.

Thus, the talk of “civil war” as a general concern in the mainstream media has become more specific and focused on what will likely precede the breakup of America itself, that is, the coming move by one or more states to gain autonomy or even independence through acts leading towards secession from the United States. One can already see Governors vocally opposing Federal mandates and Executive Orders, as a precursor, and state legislators acting in conflict with Congress, sometimes directly and purposefully, as a localized expression of frustration with national regime policy.

Some controlled media outlets refer to the desire of cultural, political, and demographically distinct regions of the country to go their own way as a temptation, since it can be a motivating factor for either the left (Calexit) or the right (Texit).

Others, more directly reflecting the establishment elite’s priority of holding the United States together and staving off balkanization, claim that it is the extreme right stoking ‘fantasies’ of secession. At this point, this is just like a domineering, abusive spouse gaslighting their victim by telling them that they couldn’t make it on their own, they could never support themselves, they NEED their abuser.

We’ve stopped listening to the establishment elite marriage counselor who only keeps getting paid if the couple continues to stay together. We now accept that a divorce is inevitable. They can choose to either make it relatively civil and call it just irreconcilable differences, or they can try to hold us hostage, and force a domestic disturbance to get ugly.

In the end, there will be a breakup, and from it will rise racially based ethnostates such as Ozarkia and New Afrika and Aztlan.

Either way, watch for more talk of secession, especially by conservatives, as we get deeper into the Biden/Harris Weimar reign. That’s a necessary step on the way to balkanization, as White people give up their feelings of patriotism for and loyalty to the national government, and see it instead as an adversarial tyranny.

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