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29% of Americans favor Balkanization.

We all know by now that Balkanization is going to happen. It’s inevitable. The United States is going to break up, whether people like it or not. As the song says, ‘Laugh about it, shout about it..”. Whether it happens through civil war, or economic collapse, or secession, as this new poll covered, multiracial democracy has failed.

Civic Nationalist conservatives may still have fantasies of voting their way back into power, or taking back the whole country through some QAnon level delusion. Establishment elites may be desperate to force everyone to stay together. But people have had enough and are voting with their feet, separating out, and in growing numbers, wanting their own local regions to be OUT of the Union.

Here’s Percentage Of Americans Who Want To See Country Broken Up Into Regional Unions

by Kristin Palpini (scheduled to be run on 3/28/21)

The United States is feeling a lot less united lately.

A new study that asked Americans whether they support dividing the country into regions found almost one-third of adults think it would be a good idea.

Conducted by the political science research project Bright Line Watch at Rochester University, the study found that 3 in 10 citizens (29 percent) said they’d support their state seceding from the union.

Pollsters said they were encouraged to ask the question due to national discord over the 2020 election.

“Until recently, we would have regarded it as too marginal to include in a survey. But state legislators in Mississippi and Texas and state GOP leaders in Texas and Wyoming have openly advocated secession in recent months, prompting us to design two survey items to gauge perceptions of this idea,” the researchers said.

Under this hypothetical, the United States would be split into five regions – Pacific, Mountain, Heartland, South, and Northeast.

Of the people surveyed who would live in the new Northeast region, 27 percent of Republicans and 27 percent of Independents liked the idea, while 34 percent of Democrats were on board.

Support for secession seems strongest in the theoretical south where 45 percent of Independents and 50 percent of Republicans would like to break away from the USA. Only 13 percent of Democrats in the area would support secession.

Republicans were more eager than Independents or Democrats to split with 1 in 3 Republicans saying they’d support their state leaving the U.S. Meanwhile, 21 percent of Democrats voiced the same opinion.

To read the full report, which includes more survey results on the 2020 election and impeachment, visit the study at

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