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More mainstream Americans join the Balk Right

They may not be completely redpilled on racial issues yet, and they certainly have a long way to go on the JQ, but the relentless cancel culture Jacobin assaults on anyone to the right of Bernie Sanders and calling them all domestic terrorists is having the exact effect we anticipated of driving millions of Americans into the Balk Right, understanding that the government is now their enemy.

Even Evangelical Christians, who for decades urged support for the establishment and law and order regardless of what cultural assaults came at them from the powers that be are now facing cracks in the facade of unity and rendering unto Caesar.

Team Anti-Christ supporter Beth Moore has left the Southern Baptist Convention after pushback against the kind of anti-White rhetoric she and the unrelated race traitor Russell Moore tried to inculcate into the nation’s most conservative mainstream Protestant congregation. She claimed that it was too full of extremists, Trump supporters, and bigots, and shook the dust off of her sandals.

Now, the hundreds of thousands of Evangelicals who have been waiting for a sign to begin to prepare for a coming civil war, just received their portent.

The Jewish Newsweek reporter attempted to smear Pastor Rick Joyner and his platform in order to denigrate his message, and truthfully when it comes to Evangelicals, there may be a lot left to be desired. However, the point is not whether they are rational, or of sound character, the important thing is that there are millions of them, and they have just been told on a national tv broadcast by their leaders that a civil war is coming, and that they should prepare for it.

Once balkanization happens, all bets are off and a White ethnostate can arise in the vacuum, it matters not at all how many different groups and ideologies are involved in recognizing its inevitability and preparing their adherents for it, thus accelerating and ensuring its likelihood. It doesn’t matter if they are Socialists pushing Calexit, Anarchists wanting to tear the system down, White Nationalists looking to secure the existence of our people and a future for White children, Black Nationalists seeking a racial homeland, or Evangelical Christians. Every group that recognizes Babylon the Great is falling causes its foundation to crumble in self-fulfilling prophecy. Read the contemptuous Newsweek piece for yourself here:

Pastor Rick Joyner Urges American Christians to Prepare for Civil War

“MorningStar Ministries founder and pastor, Rick Joyner, pleaded with the “true disciples of Christ” in America to rise up and prepare for war with the “evil” forces which he baselessly claimed “stole” the November election from former President Donald Trump…Joyner urged Trump supporters and Christians alike to buy up arms in preparation for a coming “civil war.

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