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Next SWN Meeting in April.

Thank you to those who attended the March SWN meeting here in Ozarkia, especially those of you who were visiting for the first time after having been vetted and those who have recently moved to the region and who are in the process of acquiring property and doing so. We had a great weekend of educational seminars, presentations, and training, at multiple locations, as well as great food and fellowship as we made friends IRL and began to build a sense of tribe and community together.

Remember that lone wolves are more vulnerable to persecution and prosecution on this side of the Balk, just as stragglers from the herd are the first to be culled, and on the other side of the Balk they will quickly learn that quantity can overwhelm quality. Don’t be a recluse, a hermit, or an individualist. Find your tribe, and come home to Ozarkia.

For White heterosexual men who understand that multiracial democracy has failed and the collapse is coming, you can apply for consideration as a probationary SWN Phalanx candidate, and become part of our defensive arm. For White heterosexual women who want to learn and promote traditional values, crafts, and skills, there is the Shield Maidens organization. And in the overlapping middle, the collective, our family friendly White Nationalist Preppers organization, the ShieldWall Network.

You can find out more under ‘ShieldWall Network’ at

The next ShieldWall Network meeting will be in mid-April, for those who have not yet been vetted but would like to attend, so make your plans to be screened and get your invitations now.

Contact via email for details.

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