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Uber Gemeinschafting

GeoPolitics is rife with hyprocrisy. The Biden administration is attacking the Chinese government for placing Chinese Uyghur Muslims into reeducation camps to separate them from Islam while American government schools serve as reeducation centers to separate White children from their ethnic and cultural identities. Without mentioning how the AmerIndians were similarly Westernized and Christianized by government dictate in U.S. reeducation camps and schools, destroying a people’s sense of cultural or ethnic identity does fit the United Nations definition of ‘genocide’, whether it is happening to the Uyghurs or Tibetans or White Americans. Genocide doesn’t require crematoriums and bulldozers. If you destroy a people’s identity, those can come later.

How different is the Chinese government’s eradication of Islam from the Uyghur people from the DeNazification programs of the 1940s and 1950s and onward in Europe by the Americans and Soviets? Or the British outlawing the wearing of the Green and speaking Gaelic?

One of the alleged evils of European colonialism was that it sometimes arbitrarily drew the national boundaries of third world countries along physical geography limitations or literal lines of latitude or longitude, rather than respecting existing tribal boundaries. This created a hodgepodge of divided multiethnic warzones where different peoples were forced together against their will, with none of them having control over their own destiny as a people or being able to preserve their identity at an existential level. You know, kind of like the United States of America, today.

Now, many states in the so-called United States are divided, with nonWhite urban centers at odds politically and culturally with the surrounding rural White regions. This is true even across the red/blue divide, and over all regions of the country, as well.

In response to this dichotomy, a Minnesota lawmaker has proposed allowing individual counties to secede from the state, and join other states. Similar to legislative redistricting, this would be demographic gerrymandering in a healthy sense, creating more organic and natural states.

“Minnesota becomes more politically polarized every year and the metro politicians have shown us that rural Minnesotans are no longer represented by St Paul. It’s time to leave,” read a webpage on Munson’s campaign website.

Republican South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem appeared to support Munson’s idea by retweeting his plan with a note that said her state will “roll out the red carpet for people who love personal responsibility” and freedom.”

The proposal was intended to create a dialogue. But, what if that conversation included discussions of returning from gesellschaft (cosmopolitan diversity) to gemeinschaft (homogeneity)?

What if people who are voting with their feet carried their counties with them?

What if balkanization didn’t stop with the collapse of the federal government?

What if states and counties reject, and refuse to enforce, the Biden administration’s attacks on the 2nd amemdment?

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