Kingdom Concepts broadcast this Easter Sunday April 4, 2021

This Easter Sunday April 4, 2021 we will be bringing you another live hour long Kingdom Concepts broadcast.  In these last days as evil intensifies around us, Scripture tells us that His elect saints shall have power and authority through the Holy Spirit.  Christ said that believers were not only to do the works that He did, but greater works shall they do (John 14:12).  The Apostles and Prophets did everything from heal the sick and raise the dead to call down fire from Heaven.  Yet these manifestations are greatly missing from the church today, especially in the lives of His called-out Elect Remnant.  This much needed anointing is the topic we will be discussing in Sunday’s broadcast.  My guests, are two long time ministers who believe and teach the Israel Identity message, Pastor Charles Jennings, and Pastor Everett Ramsey.  This should be an interesting program giving you an opportunity to enhance your own Christian works and calling.  You are invited to participate in the program with your questions and comments, by calling our toll-free phone number: 877-924-7722 (877 YAHS RACE).  The broadcast will be heard starting at 10:00 PM Central Time (11:00 PM Eastern) over radio stations WWCR and WBCQ on the frequencies and Internet links given below.  In addition to our live broadcasts, we work hard bringing you the very best in Christian Identity programing each week at the same time and stations.  Both the live and prerecorded messages are posted to our radio archives page for listening or downloading.

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WBCQ  6.160 MHz. Shortwave

Archived Broadcasts:

All previous Kingdom Concepts and Herald of Truth programs can be listened to or downloaded at: www.kingidentity.com/RadioArchives/ .

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