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The Radical Flank: None Dare Call It Terror

On The Radical Flank, ‘None Dare Call It Terror’, Billy and Mary Jane discuss sex change operations for kids, the Russian Foreign Minister’s support for oppressed Whites in the U.S., the SWN Operation Exodus meeting in the Midwest, the Chauvin trial, Biden’s next big spend, the most recent nonWhite mass shootings, and more!




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  1. Heartland Separatist.

    I believe the deal with the Black farmers revolved around a class action suit by Black farmers who were denied loans by the Farmers Home Adminstration. (FHA) Blacks Farmers allege discrimination in being refused farming loans whereas FHA said it was because of poor credit risk and/or not repaying the previous loans back. I think this took place during the Freddie Mac and Freddie Mae housing crisis whereby the government under George W. Bush forced housing lenders to give loans to Black consumers many of whom were poor credit risks. As you know this just about crashed the housing industry and would have crashed it if American taxpayers hadn’t bailed them out. So round two is about to start as Biden has set aside 4 billion dollars for Black farmers. The Feds settled the class action suit by Black Famers by handing out checks!

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