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Social media spurs societal balkanization

The takeaway from this piece is that the fake corona virus pandemic actually intensified and accelerated the societal balkanization process which is preceding political and physical balkanization of the United States. It did so by getting people to spend more time online in their rapidly radicalizing echo chambers where tribes form. This pulled apart the multicultural threads holding everyone together.

America is more divided than it has ever been since the last time we had a civil war. Each day, the polarization deepens. Both sides want to be rid of the other. there is no more common ground for mutual understanding. there is no interest in dialogue or compromise. there is no room for accommodation. the time has come for everyone to choose a side, or to have one chosen for them. we will not settle our differences at the ballot box. there will be no reasonable negotiation. There is no diplomatic path to a mutually acceptable resolution. we cannot petition the government for a redress of grievances. we cannot vote our way back to controlling our destiny as a people: the people by, for, and of whom this nation was originally founded. multiracial democracy cannot fly. what cannot fly must fall. What is falling, we should still push, and say, “Fall Faster”.  The Balk Right accept the inevitability of the coming balkanization of America, and following that collapse of federal power or the willful abdication of its authority, the equally inevitable rise of racially based ethnostates.

From The Daily Illini

by Nathaniel Langley, Opinions Editor

“Social media is a digitized, tribal landscape. Whether it be “resistance liberals” occupying Twitter, dispersed QAnon cultists or any individual associating themself with cyber-communities, social media is manufactured for herding.

However alluring these collectives are, the underlying threat beneath this social media alignment is immense development in groupthink: the phenomenon of individuals conforming to a like-minded group; dissent is impossible and an agenda drives all for adherence.

Although these internet communities are not entirely detrimental, their consequences on society gain in relevance as social media amplifies America’s balkanization: various groups growing hostile in unity’s absence.

As reported by Statista as of January 2021, the U.S. possesses more than 240 million active social media users. Correspondingly in a 2019 survey, the Digital Marketing Institute discovered Americans spend about two hours a day on social media

At such a volume, Americans daily are subject to various digital “neighborhoods” — consciously or unconsciously. Scrolling through timelines or feeds, subliminal drips of digital communities further manifest alienating groupthink…”

In other words, the Jews worked hard to undermine our organic sense of community and identity, our feeling of belonging to a group, and our loyalty to something larger and more more important than ourselves. They had atomized us into individualistic islands of equally lost detritus, and then the internet and people getting locked down away from social control measures queered it all and moved us from gesellschaft back to gemeinschaft. Oy Vey.

Next, the duty and responsibility of each of us is to take that refound tribal loyalty offline, from the virtual reality to the irl. The ShieldWall Network encourages face to face friendships and associations for actual community building. Meet like-minded people and share your plans for surviving what is to come. Prepare to do what is necessary to be a part of the emerging seedbed ethnostate in Ozarkia. Like the monkey said when he got his tail cut off: it won’t be long, now.


  1. Heartland Separatist.

    I do not believe the virus is fake it has just been overhyped. Many have died but I would like the government to make a distinction between those who died with Covid 19 and those who died because of Covid 19! Imagine if we listed day by day the number of abortions per day or the number of white people killed in interracial crimes per day like the powers that be do with the Coronavirus. Besides Rev. Kenneth Copeland has put a curse on Covid 19 so why is it still here? It is hilarious. Go to youtube and watch him put a Godly curse on the Coronavirus!

  2. Glincoln

    Balk on! Bless that Kenny Copeland..wasn’t he in that band with Sting, The PoLICE?

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