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Coming up: SWN Expose of BLM Ammo Thefts!

In an exclusive interview too hot for Project Veritas, a ShieldWall Network member brings you a first hand account of organized Black Lives Matter militants stealing large amounts of ammunition from a major shipping hub warehouse. He even describes how they get away with it!

Are you one of the millions of Americans who has had trouble finding ammunition for sale online in the last few weeks? Have you ordered ammo, only to have it be lost in transit, or arrive as a partial order with some of the rounds missing? Would you like to hear the TRUTH about how radical black activists are intercepting ammunition shipments and arming up for the coming civil war?

Join Billy and Mary Jane for the next ‘The Radical Flank’ program to learn the details, hear the eyewitness account for yourself, and add it to the reasons why you should be getting ready, too.

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