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Your ticket to the gun show.

The Ozarkian local gun shows normally held in the Spring and the Fall of last year were cancelled, not because the local volunteer fire department which sponsored them were afraid of the plannedemic or because they thought that 2nd amendment supporters, one of the least gullible and naive segments of the population, would be afraid to show up, but rather because it is held in a government owned building on the County fairgrounds. This weekend, however, to celebrate ShieldWall Network Coordinator Billy Roper’s birthday along with the nationwide marches being held in several cities by White activists in his honor, the gun show rode again.

Upon arriving at the fairgrounds, the first impression of something different from previous shows was how many cars were in the parking lot, and overflowing out of it, throughout the fairgrounds themselves. New jaguars sat parked next to old pickup trucks, and men, women and children poured in with a carnival-like atmosphere emanating from them. Inside, the building was packed with wall to to wall Whites, not a single person of color in sight.

It was definitely a seller’s market, thanks to Biden’s Executive Orders violating the Second Amendment and his promise of more to come. Anything tactical, anything that might face banning as an “assault rifle”, any normal capacity magazines, any tactical gun build kits, and any tactical pistols with arm braces were at a premium. Most common caliber rounds of ammunition were going for about a dollar a bullet.

To illustrate their perspective, along with camouflage and denim and Trump shirts and caps were shirts that said “W.A.P. (Wrong Ass President)” and “Socialism Sucks” and, for those confused on the issue, “Fuck Gun Control”. ShieldWall Network business cards were passed out to several people after an initial conversation.

“Did you hear that THEY are coming after Tucker, now?!? And he’s right about them and what they’re doing, too!” Here’s your card.

“First they let trannies read stories to kids, then they want to make kids trannies, from Hollywood to the fake news media they push it all over.” Here’s your card.

We spoke to one gun dealer from central Arkansas who said that they had a show down there last weekend and it was one of his top 10 most profitable gun shows ever. Four of the people we spoke with were proud to volunteer the information that they are using their Biden stimulus checks to buy an AR-15 and as much ammunition and magazines for it as they can afford. A friend who was working the door taking people’s admission money and stamping hands expressed that he had never seen so many people come to a gun show and actively buy, even when Hillary announced that she was running for President.

“Republican or Democrat it’s the same people every time, and Trump didn’t do anything either, or what little he did do has already been undone…” Here’s your card.

“By God they’re not about to turn this place into wherever they come from, they can turn right around and hight-tail it back first.” Here’s your card.

Ar-15s ran from $525 used to $750 to $900 and higher with optics. AK platforms were even pricier, from $1400 to $1800 depending on their manufacture and configuration. Knives and holsters and novelty items took a back seat to the kinds of tools which might be used to resist governmental tyranny, just as the second amendment was designed to make possible.

“Hey, aren’t you Billy Roper?!? I thought so, I mean it’s hard not to recognize your face after all the national news coverage, right? So, what do you think is gonna happen next?” Here’s your card.

“The media lies about guns, lie about the election fraud, lies about the flu, lies about history, lie about crime, and they stomp on you if you say anything.” Here’s your card.

It wasn’t quite panic buying. In a small town you get to know almost all the faces. Seeing the grimly determined expressions worn by the people whom you see every day at the bank and church and the post office and the grocery store and Wal-Mart as they bargain for the best red dot scope for their semi-automatic black carbine and stock up on thirty round magazines doesn’t give you the impression that they’re scared.

No, they’re pissed.

“He says this is just the beginning. Well they can come and try to take mine if they want to. This country is about lost, any way. That last stolen election tore it, for good. It sure as Hell ain’t we the people in control no more…” Here’s your card.

“Look around at us all here, a bunch of scary white folks all carrying guns around all weekend, and there’ll not be a single person shot, ya know why?” Here’s your card.

This is our town. These are our people. They’re proud Americans who don’t feel much like citizens of the United States any more. They feel like the government is their enemy. They no longer love it, they no longer trust it. They’re arming up, against it.

“I did my duty, I wore the uniform, I fought for…well, I served, and for what? For this? So I’d end up having to fight even worse people here?”

Here’s your card.

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  1. Glincoln

    Thanks Billy for the report. I would say PISSED OFF is my general state of being. I told God I was sorry, but that’s just the way it is.

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