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America’s Next Insurgency

“Studies suggest that a growing number of Americans think political violence is acceptable. In a January poll, researchers found that 56 percent of Republicans believe that “the traditional American way of life is disappearing so fast that we may have to use force to save it.”…

Yeah, ask them again after the next round of Biden anti-2nd amendment EOs.

This new article in the Washington Monthly discusses how America in 2021 resembles the 1850s all over again, and how studying Bleeding Kansas as a model can help us understand how things could go from here.

Leftists are increasingly vocal about their concern that Whites might fight back and a full blown civil war could occur, which they know they would lose, or at least they would lose a large part of the country in fighting.

Tomorrow, PBS’s Frontline program airs a new episode called ‘American Insurrection’, which posits “Experts worry that the extremists are using their military experience to train others for a second Civil War.” You can watch the trailer here.

Go ahead. It’s cute.

The controlled media seemed surprised that Whites, unlike Blacks, did not release our tension in the White Lives Matter marches, reserving it instead for future use. This may mean that America is past Boston Tea Party status and moving towards Lexington.

Things got rowdy there when the government tried to enforce gun control laws, if you recall.

Jews and their establishment elite shabbos goyim keep playing marriage counselor between the divorcing couple, though, not allowing a peaceful separation. They’re going to try to keep raking in the profits and desperately maintaining their place on top of the shaky pile until it all comes crashing down and what could have just been a peaceful annulment turns into the worst case of domestic violence since Fort Pillow.

When the time comes, don’t ask why. You already know why.


  1. Glincoln

    “Democracy: where the votes of two imbeciles are worth more than that of one wise man.” Adolf Hitlet

  2. Zorost

    “We have no idea why the Right would think they are being oppressed or targeted by the media, after all they are the ones who initiate violence that kills police and innocent children while our protests are always peaceful except for Jean Val’jeantavius stealing bread for his poor starving chirrens.”

    They seem to think that the only avenue open is seizing a government building and acting retarded, like the Malheur group. Hopefully we are smarter than that.

  3. volkhero

    The sooner it collapses, the better.

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