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Jessica Reavis to get her day in court, round II.

After literally years of bureaucratic and legal maneuvering by the prosecution in attempts to pressure Jessica Reavis into taking a plea deal and then accepting their summary judgement so as to avoid them the embarrassment of a trial and open hearing which would show their bias and oppression against Whites, this coming week her appeal will be held in Pittsboro, North Carolina. The town was the scene of protests in the fall of 2019 over the anti-White politician’s removal of Confederate flags and monuments, as detailed in previous ShieldWall Network articles, both when her arrest for carrying out her Constitutionally noted God-given rights happened, as well as in follow-up reports. In January of last year, Jessica was convicted of a misdemeanor, but is appealing that conviction this week, to the further chagrin of the bought and sold carpetbaggers of North Carolina.

In fact, Antifa, the controlled media, and other anti-White groups have even attempted to use SWN’s support of Jessica as a crude bludgeon with which to attack her, in an attempt to smear her by association with us without discussing the actual merits of her legal defense. The truth is, and they don’t want you to know this, despite the unwillingness of local attorneys to take a stand against the kangaroo court, her case is very good. And, to be honest, whether her appeal is successful or not, the time and expense and negative publicity she has caused the local corrupt political machine in Pittsboro by refusing to accept their plea deal or their ‘judgement’ has already made her a winner.

“she decided to appeal the conviction because she believes the North Carolina law is unconstitutional. “The US Constitution gives us the right to peacefully assemble while practicing our Second Amendment right,” Reavis said. “When protesters start exercising their First Amendment, then that does not mean that my Second Amendment is suddenly to end.”

There also is a discussion of SWN’s mission and purpose in the article.

“Ideologically, there’s little distinction between the League of the South and ShieldWall Network. Both promote revolutionary fascism. The differences are largely strategic and geographic: ShieldWallNetwork advocates for “racially based ethnostates” emerging during an anticipated fragmentation of the United States, while the League calls for a second secession of the Southern states of the old Confederacy.”

However, most of the SWN coverage discussed an interview which ShieldWall Network Coordinator Billy Roper did with Jessica, and their discussion of her case and legal defense, on a The Roper Report podcast.

There won’t be ‘mostly peaceful’ riots if her conviction is upheld by the corrupt and politically motivated anti-White “justice” system. Whites will not opportunistically attack cops or loot stores or burn buildings or block traffic and threaten people. Not this week. Not this case. The future’s uncertain, as the man once said, though, and the end is always near.

Our prayers and support continue to be with Jessica as she stands up against the grinding, legalistic anti-White establishment machine this week, and in the future, in the courtroom and on the streets.


  1. Jessica Reavis

    Thank you for all you do for our people. We need to fight like our people’s future depends on it. Hail victory!!

    • Warrior AWC

      Our peoples future does depend on it.
      Good luck Jessica, stand strong!

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