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Red Flag Laws Don’t Work As Advertised.

Indiana’s anti-second amendment ‘red flag’ law did not save the eight FedEx employees who lost their lives when a 19 year old incel opened fire on them at work.

Last year, Brandon Hole was interviewed by the FBI and, under the state’s Red Flag law, was disarmed. That’s right, they took away his firearms and did NOT give them back. Later, Brandon legally purchased two more firearms, going through the FBI’s legal background check process prior to receiving them.

Neither the Biden backed ‘background check loophole’ bill which passed the House but stalled in the Senate, nor his Executive Order in regards to universal background checks, nor Indiana’s state red flag law, not Biden’s proposed national red flag law, would have prevented this tragedy. In fact, all of those proposed protocols were followed to the t. So, it is clear that red flag laws do NOT work as they are promoted. What they DO work at, is disarming or setting up for martyrdom Whites who dissent from the Jewish Occupied Government’s tyranny.

Also, note that Mr. Hole was not a White Nationalist, although the anti-White controlled media and other leftists were gleeful that finally, after a bad run of luck with the last few mass shootings all being nonWhite, they had a perpetrator who wasn’t a POC.

Since state legislators can be pressured or bought from federal unfunded mandates or promised funding, contact your local County Sheriffs and ask them directly if they and their officers will enforce a state or federal red flag law if one is enacted. Make it clear to them that the next election could be their last.

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  1. RONA Renegade

    ” Defund the police” translated from red flag hebrew means : …have the darkies kill off any disarmed Whites once the cops are rendered powerless.

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