The Ghosts of Red Flags Past

by Billy Roper

Coordinator, The Shieldwall Network

Today, April 19th, is commonly referred to as ‘Patriot’s Day’ in commemoration of when, in 1775, the first national red flag law was enforced in a little town called Lexington, Massachusetts. Law enforcement back then thought that they could declare certain military grade weapons illegal and just confiscate them from those who had been deemed a danger to the government. Imagine that.

I’ve been there, to Lexington Green, where the first blood was shed on both sides. It’s a quiet and unassuming little place, not at all what one would expect to find in a spot where History was changed forever. But, they’re all like that, really.

It would take more than a year before Independence was declared, and five more years of brutal and sometimes discouraging struggle after that before the government capitulated at Yorktown. The direct assistance of foreign allies made that victory possible, but that’s a story for another day.

Today, 246 years after that first red flag law raid, the government has forgotten the lessons learned from the past and seemingly wants to repeat history. What transpired after Lexington was not a clean break by electoral process, the colonial Americans didn’t vote their way to having their own country, and they didn’t get to keep all of it, either. A large regional section remained loyal to the government, and became Canada. Both of those points should be noted by the descendants of those men who refused to allow the government to disarm them. What happened wasn’t a revolution as much as it was a civil war and balkanization. They didn’t overthrow the government, they broke off a piece of territory free of it. And, here we are.

As the sun sets on this Patriot’s Day, take a moment to reflect on and remember the fact that the same blood which flowed through the veins of those rebels, those seditious traitors, those domestic terrorists, those extremists, those White Supremacists, those Separatists, our Founding Fathers, still flows through ours.

They did not stand and return fire so that we could one day take a knee and cuck to the same types of establishment elites, nearly two and a half centuries after they fell. They are watching, along with all of your ancestors stretching back thousands of years, who fought and suffered, struggled and sacrificed so that you could be here to carry on their genes into the future. Their ghosts, the ghosts of a hundred battles against tyranny, know that you will do your duty for your people.

Don’t let them down.

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  1. Heartland Separatist.

    Speaking of tyranny did you see where they dropped the charges against the black capital police officer that killed Ashli Babbitt? Now, what was the name of that officer? You mean you don’t know? None of us know! Now imagine an unarmed black female was shot by a white cop. Would you know the name of that cop? Of course, you would. The media would broadcast it 24/7! Remember that the next time you hear some white renegade talk about “White Privilege.” Apparently it is something Ashi Babbitt ran out of!

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