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States With The Most Hate Groups

It used to be that the SPLC’s Hate Watch map was a useful one-stop-shop tool to help find racially conscious Whites in your area, until they started eating their own and the purges and resignations led to them declining into inefficacy and disrepute.

Now, this 247wallst article might at least help out with a few suggestions of whom one might network with in your area. We don’t endorse their methodology or all of their conclusions, some of which are just based on internet hyperbole rather than irl activism, but hey, at least they kind of got Arkansas right, the capitol region of Ozarkia, in this newly released breathless (His name was George Floyd) expose.

Think of it like the jealous wife accusing her husband of having an affair at the office when he comes home with lipstick on his collar.

“Were you with Susan?”

“I bet it was Becky!”

“It was that slut Tracy, wasn’t it?”

The next day at work, his buddy asked him, “So, did you get caught after last night?”

“No”, the man replied, “but I did get three solid leads.”

Here is what 247wallst had to say about The Natural State:

4. Arkansas
> Hate groups in 2020: 4.62 per million people (total: 14)
> Pct. pop. identifying as white: 72.0% (24th highest)
> Pct. pop. foreign born: 5.1% (14th lowest)
> Median household income: $48,952 (3rd lowest)
> Largest hate group headquartered in state: Shieldwall Network

“With 14 active hate groups in the state as of 2020, Arkansas ranks fourth in the nation in the concentration of hate groups, with 4.62 such groups per million residents. A decade earlier, nearly twice as many hate groups were active in the state.

The largest hate group headquartered in the state is the Shieldwall Network, a white nationalist group that “promotes racist and anti-Semitic” ideology and aims to “build a white ethno-state,” according to the Anti-Defamation League. Arkansas also has a KKK chapter, a neo-Nazi group, a neo-Confederate group, and a racist skinhead group.”

If you’d like to see where your state ranks, and maybe, like the guy at the office, get some solid leads, here is the 247wallst article. Thanks, guys.

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