The ShieldWall Network

Finding Like-Minded People

One of the primary goals of the ShieldWall Network is, instead of just filling up the organization with warm bodies, actively seeking out men and women who see the world largely as we do. Granted, there are going to be few whom we will encounter in our day-to-day ‘cherry-picking’ recruitment forays who are already red-pilled fully, but someone who agrees with us on three-quarters of the issues, so long as they go along with the program, are not our 25% enemy, they are our 75% friend. Obviously, anyone who condones certain behaviors such as homosexuality or miscegenation cannot be a part of the ShieldWall, nor do we want people who use illegal drugs or are otherwise criminals. Those general, common sense caveats aside, though, there are many millions of our people from all walks of life and socio-economic levels who can find a place in the ShieldWall where their strengths can combine with ours. Doctors, teachers, lawyers, plumbers, electricians, construction workers, police officers, and housewives may all have something to offer in our mutual support web. Remember the values and assets we are looking for, and seek them out.

It may be tempting to reach out lazily to our fellow politically active and known patriots, then limit ourselves to that small pool of potential recruits. The truth, though, is that most of our people, even those who largely agree with us and who would be very useful for the ShieldWall Network, are not yet politically active. Most of them are too busy working to pay their bills, or taking care of their families, or simply have never felt motivated to do more politically than vote occasionally, and complain a lot. Our responsibility is to change that, for the ShieldWall Network isn’t solely about prepping, for anticipating and planning  responses to any number of crisis scenarios; it is about creating a grassroots, community-based local connection of persons of influence, and to make persons of influence of each member of the ShieldWall, itself, in their local communities.

One of the methods potentially utilized by members of the ShieldWall to become a person of influence in their local community is to volunteer with your local Republican Party. Granted, only a small percentage of those active on the city and county level of Republican party politics will be amenable to our message, but the ten to twenty percent who are is higher than the same percentage of the general population, especially now.

One of the best books I can recommend describing how to get started in local political networking, one step at a time, was written by science fiction writer Robert Heinlein. Although a libertarian, rather than a Nationalist, his “Take Back Your Government” is as pertinent now for us as it was a half century ago when he wrote it.

Of course, we also will be recruiting ShieldWall Network members at gun and knife shows, hunting expositions, shooting ranges, Tea Party meetings, and dozens of similar locations, all of which are ‘target rich environments’ for the kind of individual we are looking for. Remember, you have a responsibility to the ShieldWall to be on the lookout for the next recruit who will stand beside us. Who have you talked to about the ShieldWall, today?

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