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The Radical Flank: No Dog In The Fight

On the new The Radical Flank program, Billy and Mary Jane discuss the Ukrainian/Russian crisis, the Chauvin trial fallout, looming hyperinflation, an SWN AMA, Burt from NSM’s arrest, and more!





  1. Ar-Man/Ariosopher

    Listening here, it turns my humane stomach to hear of how LIVES in Ukraine are seen as barter for the security from the “U.N.” and joining the E.U.

    It is pathetic that the E.U. would play the card of claiming Ukraine would get better trade deals etc, and also get certain protections from the U.N. LIVES for bartering. Of course. Sounds exactly like the American/English way. All for the shekel.

  2. Glincoln

    Nice overview of current affairs. I thought the following post was interesting. It was a comment on a pretty popular financial website for early retirees, also called FIRE (financial independence retire early) Max says
    April 29, 2021 at 9:44 am

    As an accelerationist, I think they should raise the rate to 100% and quintuple spending. I will always vote for Democrats because they will achieve this faster.

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