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Restoring Order

A new New York Times article discusses how the ideological philosophy of The Order survives, and why the establishment elite fear White survival advocates today. It’s a useful brief primer for new people who are not familiar with The Order period of movement history in the 1980s, or the fact that some people who testified against The Order, such as Dan Gayman of the Church of Israel, are still active in the movement today, despite having turned traitor. From the article:

““When you see the country as politically and philosophically divided as it is today, that makes it more likely that somebody could take advantage of these times to bring about another revolutionary concept like the Order,” said Wayne Manis, the main FBI agent on the case. “We stopped the Order. We did not stop the ideology.”…Far-right groups often express anti-government ideology or espouse ideas about returning the United States to some imagined, idyllic form of constitutional rule.“…

“Far-right groups have evolved since the days of the Order. In some ways they are broader and more loosely affiliated, given the use of the internet, and mainstream politics has opened the door to some of their ideas. A key question today is whether adherents of extremist groups might seek elected office or whether the heavily disputed presidential vote soured them on politics.

“Do they want armed revolution and race war, or are they seeking to enter politics?” said Kathleen Belew, whose book, “Bring the War Home,” covered the history of the Order. “Do they want to burn it down, or do they want to take over?”

What the Jews and the shabbos goyim establishment elite with their LE thug enforcers are too scared to admit is that Whites do not HAVE to burn it down, it’s already on fire, the collapse and balkanization of America is already so inevitable that everyone knows it is coming, and the primary efforts of the establishment at this point are in trying to delay it for as long as possible.

Luke 12:49: “I am come to send fire on the earth; and what will I, if it be already kindled?”

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  1. Heartland Separatist.

    Let blue states be free! I demand freedom for blue states. Imagine the paradise if they did not have red states hanging over them like a dead weight! They could enact reparations for African-Americans. Mandate Thansgendered education in the public school. Give tax credits to homosexual and interracial marriages. Subsidize abortion up until the 9th month. Ban all guns. Open the borders to the world! Free sex change operations for those who desire it. Free college for all even non-citizens. Enact only solar and wind power. A racism tax on white people to pay for their historical transgression against people of color! Let blue states be free to pursue their own destiny!

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