Shield Maidens

The return of the Shield Maidens.

“Behind every strong man is an even stronger woman.”

by Jane

Man cannot exist without woman, nor can woman exist without man. We cannot move forward as a race without the support and unity of one another. It is time we bring women to the forefront of this fight and let them know how important of a role they play within the survival of our people. All too often, women find themselves taking a back seat while the men go off to take care of business but we should not be selling ourselves short. We, too, should be organizing as it is up to us to uphold that positive influence on White society for the future generations to come. When men go to war, who stays home to raise the families and maintain the values of our People? We should not be expected to do this alone because we, as White women, have our own collective of like minds and shared experience that is necessary to support ourselves and each other, and pass on our traditions.

We are not a weak people, we are simply facing hard times. It is our responsibility to ensure that our children and our people do not fall victim to the overbearing propaganda and demoralization of society. Navigating this modern world as a White woman, the simple desire to marry a White man and raise a family is seen as nothing but a folly. Instead, we are forced to believe that our nurturing desires must be focused on those who will never care for us. They try to lead us into giving up our maternal and Earthbound instinct for materialism and careers that leave us feeling empty, always desiring more. They deprive us of any sense of purpose and identity by telling us to consume products while fueling our anger towards hating White men, all the while telling White men they are nothing but lesser beings to the rest of the world. It is time we take this negativity from them and reclaim our natural roles in society.

The Shieldmaidens are a group of women who have joined together to organize, teach, learn and ultimately maintain that natural, maternal and feminine influence that must not be lost as the blazes of modern society entrench us all. If you are White and a natural born woman (I shouldn’t have to clarify that but this is the society in which we live), if you are looking to connect with other like minded White women, seeking that sense of community that is all too hard to find as we watch more and more women fall into that feminist spell, the Shieldmaidens is the group for you.

We are a group of women who come from many different backgrounds and knowledge, we vary in age and experience. Moving forward, we will be holding women only events that range from pure community building such as camping trips to skills building events like firearms training, all run by women. If you know something is not right in this world and are tired of having your hand forced by the Marxist liberals who only seek to harm you, reach out to us. With the Shieldmaidens, you are welcome to express how you feel without shame and will be surrounded by women who understand your struggle.

For more information or if you have interest in joining, please reach out to Billy Roper via email; or on Telegram or Gab; @BillyRoper.

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