The ShieldWall Network

One Month Notice

As we fulfill our previously discussed promise to decrease our online digital footprint and focus more exclusively and intensively on irl training and prepping, without advertising what we are thinking or doing to our enemies, the ShieldWall Network website will be shelved in celebration of our former Independence Day, on July 4th.

With that in mind, we are providing one month’s notice to whomever would like to save and archive any of the articles or other material currently hosted here.

SWN has already established parallel non-internet dependent organizational communication systems with all vetted members of our network, and our regular meetings, events, and training sessions will be not only continued but accelerated after this time.

We’re upping our OpSec. If you haven’t gotten serious yet, up yours.


  1. JR

    It has been my honor and privilege to serve the SWN. I have been fortunate to not only be present during the Balk Rights inception, but to be a active member of Balk Right IRL progressions. The future is indeed bright, and we all will be wearing shades. Hail the SWN, 1488

  2. M Fisher

    gonna miss y’all. Good luck in Ozarkia.
    This little 50 acre portion of west tennessee will never submit.
    Deo Vindici.

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