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The Radical Flank: The Final Countdown

Within the last month of scheduled TRF broadcasts, Billy and Mary Jane discuss finding one’s reason for living, the left eating their own, Antifa targeting Target over Billy Roper’s books, the most recent Hammer Stream, and three upcoming SWN meetings in different regions of the country!




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  1. Heartland Separatist.

    That is my first time hearing Mary Jane. I thought she was awesome! A while back I recall an experiment with rats whereby they tried to create an environment of postmodernity to see how that affected rats (How one creates post-modernity in a lab I have no idea) But what happened was the birthrate of the rats plummeted and the children they did have were abnormal in that females had masculine traits and the males had feminine traits. As with rats so also with humans! Contemporary American culture is a toxic and corrosive culture that exists on exporting worldwide. It is one reason seldom mentioned why so many nations hate the United States.

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