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We always understood the deal with the devil which we made with every controlled media interview. It was a pragmatic compromise based on the Rockwellian propaganda approach utilizing the Radical Flank Effect. The number of people whom we reached with our message were considered to be worth it.

Now, we are no longer in the business of red pilling normies nor of entertaining hobbyists and providing them a safe space echo chamber in which to vent or seek external validation. We leave that sphere to others as we evolve to irl.

Therefore, the SWN will no longer be granting interviews to the controlled media. Thank you for your past service to our cause, involuntary and unwitting though it may have been, but that ship has sailed.

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  1. M Fisher

    Good for you.
    Anyone who doesn’t get it by now is unreachable and anyone too curious about operations is probably not a friend.

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