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‘The Balk: What it means, and what it means for America’s future.’

Demographic statistics and shifting Census data indicate that growing political polarization, racial tensions, and the element of change in America’s culture and society brought on by both legal and illegal immigration are all leading towards the Balkanization of America. Looting and riots. Culture Wars. A looming minority majority. What will this mean for your future, and for our nation? This nonfiction book will help you get your head around what is coming, and prepare you to survive the collapse and breakup of the United States! This is the book that Thomas Chittum would write today, if he wasn’t so politically correct. Written by Billy Roper with an introduction by Gregory Kay.

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Also written by Billy Roper and previously published, but currently out of print due to censorship by multiple publishers and retailers including Amazon, Books-A-Million, Barnes & Noble, Lulu Press, and Smashwords:


Illustrations by Michael Sheehan . This rollicking, tension-filled alternate history steampunk adventure novel features romance, adventure, espionage, and suspense in a deeply researched, tightly wound narrative following two star-crossed lovers across an eerily familiar landscape, right next door to our own universe. Imagine an America where slavery never happened. Where we are free of that indelible besmirchment on our national character. Oh, and we’re still British. Welcome to the Commonwealth.

‘General Population’

Called “the politically incorrect, drunken love child of Stephen King and Alfred Hitchcock” by one reviewer, “General Population” tells the intriguing story of Max Aught, a young prisoner locked in a brutally corrupt prison for attempting to kill the child molester who raped his little sister. As society begins to unravel and collapse on the outside, those locked up may be the best hope for our future-if only they can survive to regain their freedom. Containing anecdotal stories and input from over two dozen currently incarcerated contributors, “General Population” is grimly realistic in its depictions of the best and worst of humanity, on both sides of the wire.

‘Deja Vu’ (1st and 2nd editions)

What if time travel was possible?
Have you ever wished that you could just start over, and do things better, this time around? That is the feeling haunting a team of NASA scientists marooned on the moon in 2038 when their lunar base is cut off from Earth by a global economic and grid collapse. Faced with eventual starvation and death like so many billions below them on a planet where those who created civilization have become too small of a dwindling minority to sustain it, they face some hard decisions about their future. Necessity being the mother of invention, it leads them to even harder decisions about their past.
Deja Vu is that feeling that something that is happening or is about to happen has already been experienced before. What if time travel, backwards only, was possible? What if changes engineered from the future left small moments of ghost memory where the past had been overwritten, like recording over an old fashioned audiotape? We might call that ghost memory of overlap, Deja Vu.


‘Blade Runner’ meets ‘Idiocracy’ in this dystopian view of a future where political correctness has come full circle to bite its own tail. Hard science fiction, romance, and post-apocalyptic adventure fans will love this controversial book with its many twists and turns along the way to a stunning and climactic finish. Fast forward half a millennium. You’ll want to rewind and make sure this story never comes true. Not for the faint of heart or dim of vision. ‘Remnants’ will shake you up!

‘The Fifth Horseman’

‘The Fifth Horseman’ is a post-apocalyptic fiction novel set in the near future in Northern Arkansas; after an economic collapse, EMP attack, and limited nuclear war bring racial civil warfare and the collapse of society to America. The name used to refer to the fall of civilization within this universe is ‘The Balk’, shorthand for ‘Balkanization’. Tens of millions have died of starvation and disease and war. The rest divide their loyalties into neo-feudal city-states and their territories, struggling for control over the few resources that remain. One man may be able to unite them all. After war, famine, pestilence, and death, he is, The Fifth Horseman. If you liked Clint Eastwood in ‘Pale Rider’ and Kevin Costner in ‘The Postman’, you’re going to love the movie adaptation of this book, too!

‘The Hasten The Day Trilogy’

Here, for the very first time, are the award-winning and highly acclaimed Balkanization trilogy by Billy Roper: ‘Hasten The Day’, ‘Waiting For The Sun’, and ‘Wasting The Dawn’, published together in a single anthology. Included in this newly revised, edited, and updated collection is all new material, including previously deleted scenes and an alternate ending to this rollicking post-apocalyptic adventure series.

‘Look Away: an alternate history of the Civil War’

In ‘Look Away, an alternate history of the Civil War’, history hangs by a thread. A single moment can create ripples which change everything. What if Mary Todd Lincoln had a bad night’s rest? A harsher Emancipation Proclamation causes slave revolts, reprisals, and a different end to the South’s invasion of Pennsylvania. Intervention by European powers on both sides of the conflict transform the American Civil War into The Great War, with global repercussions for everyone involved!
‘The Ice Path: A Way Forward’

In ‘The Ice Path’, the best-selling fiction author in the White Nationalist movement deftly interweaves a prehistorical and historical fiction narrative with an autobiographical testimony and nonfiction ‘Rules For Racialists’ guide to becoming a person of influence within the pro-White movement. From the Solutreans, the White Europeans who discovered North America 17,000 years ago, many millenia before the Asiatic Mongoloid ancestors of the ‘Native Americans’, to the Viking explorers, English colonists, and American pioneers, the past, present and future of our people are explored within the framework of a destiny surpassing all others. The qualities, nature, and purpose of leadership are explored, and the reader will explore their own calling and destiny as one of tomorrow’s leaders, today. “Bone chilling adventure for the politically incorrect!” “Once you realize how you’ve been lied to, Roper explains why, and then tells you what you can do about it!” “This book makes you feel like you’re getting to know the leaders of the White Nationalist movement, when you’re really getting to know yourself…” “Where we came from, and where we’re going, along with how to get there…”

‘Glome’s Saga’

It’s a thousand years ago. Guess who’s coming to dinner? This first person narrative historical fiction novel is inspired by Erik The Red’s Saga and the Greenlander’s Saga, as well as similar old Norse tales, and the Heavener runestone(s) in Oklahoma. Follow Glome’s life struggle in his own words as he travels from early 11th century Norway to England, Ireland, Iceland, Greenland, and North America. This rollicking Viking adventure about the Norse exploration and attempted colonization of the new land is filled with action, intrigue, and drama, as well as the dark humor typical of the age.

‘PaleoAmerican Ethnic Diversity’

Originally published in 1999 as a ground-breaking Master’s Thesis in completion of the author’s Masters of Liberal Arts degree in History with a specialty in Anthropology, this work outlines the mythical, linguistic, cultural, and archaeological evidence supporting the theory that ancient Europeans were present in North America 10,000 years ago, if not earlier.

‘Hasten The Day’

It’s this time, next year. Hyperinflation, the collapse of the dollar, and economic depression have America on the ropes, when uncontrolled illegal immigration delivers a sucker punch to the glass jaw of multiracial democracy. Race riots and secessions lead to ethnic cleansing and Balkanization. ‘Hasten The Day’ chronicles the first year after the breakup of the United States into several independent nations. If you believe that what cannot fly must fall, you won’t want to miss reading “Hasten The Day”!

‘Waiting For The Sun: Hasten The Day, Part II’

‘Waiting for The Sun’ is the sequel to ‘Hasten The Day’. Five years after the collapse and breakup of the United States of America, new nations arise and compete amid the ruins of a superpower.

‘Wasting The Dawn: Hasten The Day, Part III’

The third and conclusive installment in the highly acclaimed ‘Hasten The Day’ trilogy, ‘Wasting The Dawn’ continues the dystopian speculative fiction saga began in the award-winning ‘Hasten The Day’ and its’ sequel, the popular ‘Waiting For The Sun’, both also by Billy Roper. After economic collapse and civil war lead to the breakup of the United States, global chaos ensues. Eighty percent of the world’s population lies dead. In the aftermath, the familiar characters from the first two novels meet their ultimate destinies, and the next generation of successors emerge from the ashes of America to compete and determine the fate of the world, and mankind.
‘EthnoState: The Best of The ShieldWall Network and The Roper Report’ (The Balk) (Volume 2)

Following up on his controversial yet blockbuster book ‘The Balk’, Billy Roper updates the demographic and sociopolitical manifestation of the ongoing polarization and division of the United States. The coming breakup of America, or ‘balkanization’, is accelerating. Once you read this compendium of articles and essays from different sources and absorb their implications, you will agree, and be ready to prepare for the future. e-book. E-mail to order. 

‘The Big Picture’

Encompassing the collective wisdom of the human species throughout history in one easily accessible, portable volume, ‘The Big Picture’ has been called “the handbook of the Alt Right”. This literary mini-encyclopedia, a veritable written internet, anthologizes clickable interfaces in brilliant black and white colors. Also serves as a convenient snack mat or coaster! Banned for possession in Israel and several of its client states even before publication, this nonfiction philosophical treatise was written with those who like to read and think in mind. Are you tired of stumbling around blindly, in an ignorant haze, perplexed by the world around you? What if there was a book that could make sense of your apparently meaningless existence? Are you searching for a reason to live? Do you have the money to purchase ‘The Big Picture’? If so, then this is the book for you! Thousands of brilliant and essential words, many of them arranged in coherent, complete sentences in paragraph form, for page after page, chapter after chapter! Never before published in this order; well, the chapters and pages perhaps, but not the words. Turn it over, look admiringly at the cover, and you’ll be amazed by ‘The Big Picture’! Even MORE inside. e-book. E-mail to order. 

The Heirs of Tomorrow

A collection of nine fictional short stories about life in the United States following the coming civil war and balkanization of America. 227 pages.


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